God is Looking for Giants among Men

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Becoming a Giant for God is really a simple process: HE does all the empowering, strengthening, and the supplying. All we have to do is willingly volunteer, or in other words surrender to His Sovereign will. That’s where it becomes difficult for us. When faced with choosing either comfort and convenience, or taking what appears to be an unpleasant path that God wants us to walk, we balk, and even resist many times. In so doing, . . . we always shrink. It is only when we obey faithfully, accepting His perfect plan that we grow, and become a Giant for God!

Read Genesis 5 and 6 to get ready for Sunday! – See you there!

Pastor Craig Caldwell
Cross & Crown Baptist Church
Psalm 84:11


Welcome to Pastor’s Corner!


We’re excited about what God is doing at Cross & Crown Baptist Church! We hope that you will consider joining us this Sunday for Sunday School at 10 am and Worship at 11 am! Come and join with us this Sunday for some great fellowship around the Word of God!